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Acorn 130 Acorn 180 Acorn 130 Outdoor Limited Lifetime Parts Warranty
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Bruno Elan Stairlift SRE3000 Bruno Elite StairLifts SRE2010 Bruno Curve CRE-2110 StairChair Bruno Outdoor Stair Chair 


LIFTS are available in Indoor, Curved and Outdoor by Acorn, Bruno, Harmar, EasyCare, Hawle and Precision Stair Lifts.

WHY A STAIR LIFT . . . because they are so easy to use, easy to install and very affordable.

   Electro-Ease offers the BEST Price, Quality, Guarantee, Service and Selection

For Straight Stair Lifts choose from the Acorn 130; Bruno Elan and Elite; Harmar; Hawle; Precision and more

For Curved Stair Lifts choose from the Acorn 180, Bruno CRE-2110; Harmar Helix, Hawle; Precision and more

For Outdoor Stair Lifts choose from the Acorn 130, Bruno Elite and CRE-2110E

 Service and Support . . . Ask about our Limited Lifetime Parts Warranty

Elite Indoor SRE2010 Bruno San Francisco StairLift



If stairs create a barrier to enjoying your home, a Bruno stairlift helps restore access, safety, and peace of mind. Family-owned, Bruno offers stairlfit choices for every budget and space. The best-selling stair lift in America over the last 20 years, Bruno sets the standard for stairlift quality, design and safety. Your local Bruno dealer will help you choose a Chairlift that's right for you and provide professional, respectful installation and service. Thank you for considering a Bruno stairlift!

Made in the USA

Bruno Stairlifts Take Up Less Space: Whether your staircase is straight or curved -- inside or outside -- Bruno offers a Chairlift that matches your needs. With the tightest wall-to-rail fit and one of the smallest folded Chair widths in the industry, no stair lift takes up less space than Bruno.



Acorn 130 Stairlift - designed for straight staircases

The Acorn 130 Stairlift

The new & improved version of the original Acorn Stairlift.

The Acorn 130 Straight Stairlift is our most affordable option, though it doesn't work on all types of staircases. It is specifically built for straight staircases only.

The Acorn 130 is the perfect choice for anyone with a 2-story home with a straight staircase or a single story home with a basement. The smooth start and stop feature, ensures a safe and comfortable ride.

Contact us now for your FREE consultation and quote, and one of our friendly, experienced, local stairlift advisors will provide all the advice you need.

  • The Acorn 130 stairlift fits to the stairs, not the wall
  • Requires no structural changes to your home
  • Perch stairlift option available
  • Affordable and reliable
  • Easily folds away, so everyone can continue to use the stairs
Acorn 180 Stairlift - designed for curved staircases

The Acorn 180 Stairlift

The Acorn 180 Stairlift is the most innovative stairlift in the world. A true technological breakthrough.

The Acorn 180 Stairlift can be installed on virtually any staircase, including curves, multiple landings, and more. Each Acorn 180 Stairlift is designed and installed to your precise requirements.

Want the stairlift to take you down the hall to your bedroom? The Acorn 180 can do that. Want it to take you into your living room? It can do that too.

  • FastTrack® easy, next day installation*
  • Requires no structural changes to your home
  • Affordable and reliable
  • Buy direct from the manufacturer
  • 12-month warranty
Acorn Outdoor Stairlift - designed for outdoor steps

The Acorn 130 Outdoor Stairlift

The perfect solution for your outdoor patio or front porch steps.

The Acorn 130 Outdoor Stairlift is weather-proofed to withstand the elements, providing the perfect solution for anyone who struggles with their patio or porch steps.

With all of the same features as the Acorn 130 Stairlift, the Acorn Outdoor stairlift comes supplied with a durable waterproof cover for extra protection.

Contact us now for your FREE consultation and quote, and one of our friendly, experienced local stairlift advisors will provide all the advice you need.

  • Stairlift fits to the steps, not the wall
  • Easily folds aways, so that everyone can continue using the steps
  • Requires no structural changes to your home
  • Affordable and reliable
  • 12-month warranty



Elan Indoor Straight

Bruno’s most popular stairlift, the Elan, is the affordable choice to help restore full access to your home. Designed for straight indoor staircases, the Elan stairlift offers a mix of high-quality standard functionality, unsurpassed reliability, and ease-of-use design. With Made-in-the-USA dependability, Bruno's Elan stair Chair helps you stay in your home with comfort and ease.

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Elite Indoor Straight

With superior styling and Made-in-America craftsmanship, Bruno's Elite straight indoor stairlift safely connects you to all levels of your home. Enjoy easy operation and a stable, quiet ride combined with a luxury-quality Chair. With a compact design that installs close to the wall, the Elite Chairlift allows plenty of extra room on the steps. The Elite stair Chair's 400 lb (188kg) lift capacity ensures plenty of power for dependable performance. Bruno is the trusted stairlift brand to deliver Made in the USA craftsmanship.

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Elite Indoor Curved

High-quality custom craftsmanship is the hallmark of every Bruno Elite curved rail stairlift. Built to the exact specifications of your staircase, the Elite stair lift melds into every curve. And the plush Chair properly reflects the beauty of your home. Let Bruno’s Elite custom curve stairlift safely connect you to all levels of your home again with comfort and style. The Bruno Elite Chairlift features a 400 lb (181 kg) lift capacity.

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Elite Outdoor Straight

Whether you need help getting up porch stairs, going down to your pier or accessing your deck, a Bruno Elite Outdoor Straight stairlift helps get you there safely. Bruno’s outdoor Chairlift features marine-grade fabric and a weather-resistant cover that travels with the Chair to protect it from the elements. With easy-to-use operation, the Elite Outdoor Straight stair lift features a soft start and stop and smooth, stable ride along the way. Gain peace-of-mind and Made-in-the-USA reliability with the trusted name in stairlifts: Bruno.

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  • Acorn 130 Indoor Staircase Stair Chair

  • Acorn 130 Outdoor Chair Lift Exterior Outside StairLifts

  • Acorn 180 Curve Stair Lifts

  • Bruno Elan StairChair  SRE3000

  • Bruno Elite Indoor Residential Home StairLift SRE-2010

  • Bruno Curve CRE-2110 Curved StairLift ChairLift  CRE2110

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Rent, Own & Finance

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Enhancing Life…the Stairlift Journey  

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The place of comfort, security, rejuvenation. A repository for all the things, great and small, that define your life. But, what happens when your staircase becomes an impediment? Is your life reduced? Perhaps. But, it need not be.
A Stairlift can provide the effortless connection between the floors of your home with quiet, stylish elegance and confidence. And, a Bruno Stairlift ensures that your journey will be smooth, steady and uneventful. Surprises in life can be delightful…but not on a stairlift.

Whether you want a straight rail stairlift, a custom curved rail stair lift, or an outdoor stairlift, Bruno is there with the solution. Peace of mind is the prevailing emotion when you realize how safe and content you, and your whole family, will be with a Bruno Stairlift.

You love your home. You needn’t have to move because of your staircase. The beauty of your staircase can be enhanced by the elegance of a finely crafted stairlift from Bruno. Take the Stairlift Journey to Independence.

Learn more about Bruno's line of Straight Rail Stair lifts
and Custom Curved Rail Stairlifts.


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